Variable area flowmeters SC250   Calibration  Variable area flowmeters M21

1974   Release of the variable area flowmeters, series 6000

1976   Release of the metallic flowmeters, series SC250 and DP

1978   Release of the oscillating piston counters, series COVOL and the turbine flowmeters TM

1979   Release of the level indicators and switches activated by magnetic coupling

1980   By-pass flowmeters orifice plate, serie PR

1984   Associated electronics

1990   Release of the microprocessed electromagnetic flowmeter, series FLOMID

1992   Release of the plastic tube flowmeters, series PT/PS

           Release of the resistive probes level, series NRC, NCPR, DNSA

1994   Release of the first Hall Effect-based electric transmitter

           Release of the level indicators in PVC, series VAT and NPC

           Release of the insertion electromagnetic flowmeter, series FLOMAT

1996   TECFLUID achieves the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification

1999   Release of the first ATEX certified transmitter
           Second generation of microprocessed electromagnetic flowmeters, series FLOMID

2000   Release of the level switch for liquids and solids, series LD (vibrating fork system)

2002   PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) Certification is achieved

2003   TECFLUID becomes member of the HART Communication Foundation

2005   Calibration rig up to DN500

2006   Release of the ultrasonic level transmitter, series LU

           Release of the multi-level indicators, series MPS, SNI, SNIA

           Release of the switches with floats, series T15 and INHG Eco

2008   Release of the relays SAKA

2010   Release of the guided radar level transmitter, series LTDR

           Release of the capacitive level probes, series SCAV

2011   Release of the ultrasonic flowmeter, series CU

2013   New calibration rig up to DN1000

           Third generation of electromagnetic flowmeters, series FLOMID

2014   Wireless I/O solutions