What we do

We design and manufacture flow and level instrumentation products since 1974. We work day after day to offer a complete service that includes everything from the design process of the instrument to the after-sales service.

Our products help you to improve your industrial processes.

40 years producing our products for different typology of small and big companies have given us a wide acknowledgement of the product in itself and its various applications.

Our large experience, even in countries with extreme environmental conditions, ensures that we will be able to help you with the selection of the best device for your application.

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Calibration service

All the devices produced by TECFLUID S.A. are calibrated before being sent to customers. This work is done by our Calibration Department who has its own flow rigs. Traceability of TECFLUID’s flow rigs is guaranteed by international standards and it is done by weighting in our installations.

TECFLUID S.A. is constantly improving its flow rigs for calibrating with water or air. At the time being a new rig for high flows ranges for diameters up to DN1000 is under development.

It is possible to calibrate devices from other suppliers, provided that they can be adapted to our installations connections, they have a flow measuring system and an instructions manual for handling and electrical connection, that could be supplied to us if necessary.

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R&D + I

TECFLUID S.A. has its own R&D department that has been developed through a long professional experience over the years. From its creation the company invests in the continuous development of new products and technologies some 8% of turnover annually. This department represents one of our main keys in which all our products for flow and level measuring are based.

Our R&D department helps us to expand our product lines and to improve the already existing products to meet emerging customer needs.

Thanks to a continued research, our R&D&i may evaluate and carry out non standard solutions to meet your application needs, whether they be mechanical or electronical ones. It also allows customizing any product of our own range so that it can fulfil our customers' demands.

All our products have been developed by our R&D&i department and made with our own in-house technology. This deep acknowledge of our devices makes that we will be able to guarantee a quick and qualified After Sales service certified as ISO9001.

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Some projects

We started our international expansion in 1990 and currently supply our equipment to companies around the world for a variety of projects:


Level - Radar Indicators LTDR LTL116 for indication and transmission 4-20 in ATEX zone and volume management in the storage tanks in the perfume industry. Flowmeters - DP- 65 for measuring the power of the hydraulic circuits in the automotive industry. Flowmeters - 6001 for measuring and regulating gas of the furnaces in the glass industry. Ultrasonic Level - LU -90 for volume management in the storage tanks in the chemical industry. Flowmeters - PRC- 63 for cooling the reactors in the chemical industry.    Flowmeters PT- 11 for the mobile stations of drinking water production for the French army. Counters COVOL for automatic engine in the automotive industry chain oil filler. Turbine Flowmeters TM- 44 and Electronic Counter CP- 420L for controlling the fuel volumes of the cruise ships. Ultrasonic Flowmeters CU- 100 PVC pipe DN80 to manage seawater volumes of picciculture in Tahiti. Level control by vibrating fork detector LD- 60 AISI 316L, health model, for the packaging line of suntan lotion bottles in the cosmetic industry .


Level Indicators LT106 for diesel storage tanks for the army. 300 flowmeters series PT, PS and PR61, for drinking water produced by a plant of seawater desalination in Victoria .


Electromagnetic Flowmeters FLOMID, food model, for drinking water on machines automatic packaging of bottles of 0.5 and 1.5 liters.


Electromagnetic Flowmeters FLOMAT for drinking water control.


150 Flowmeters SC250 for a production line of offset plates.


150 flowmeters TM44 + CIP for diesel generators.


Flowmeter SC250 for very high pressure with flanges ANSI 600 lbs RTJ.


Flowmeter SC250 and M21 with AISI 316L housing indicator for oil production platform in the North Sea.


Since 2007, providing more than 900 variable area flowmeters plastic tube series PT / PTM, very light float, very low pressure drop for the measurement of bio- gas.


350 Flowmeters SC250 for the treatment of refining platinum after extraction of the mine.


Levels LC40, LT106, LT14PP and flowmeters PR for the circuits for fire protection and for storage tanks of the treatment station for products like soda, sulfuric acid and flocculants. Flowmeters 6001 and level indicators LT14 PVC for water treatment plant. Level Indicators LT106 and LT14P for measuring the level of the storage tanks of sulfuric acid and calcium bisulphite. Flowmeters SC250 and PR61 DN250 DN300 to measure seawater. 80 flowmeters 6001for measuring deionized water in the automotive industry. 130 Electromagnetic flowmeters FLOMAT -DN50 to DN1000 for metal and PVC pipes for water purification station.