Terms and conditions


The following General Conditions of Sale apply to all the offers and supplies made by Tecfluid  (from now and forward The Seller).

The Order from the customer (from now and forward The Buyer) and the reception of this order by the Seller, means the acceptance, without reservation, of our Sales General Conditions and terms, included on our website www.tecfluid.fr.

It is considered that these conditions of Sale have been communicated to the Buyer since the moment in which this receive the offer from the Seller where does reference to our website and where such conditions are detailed, or if the Buyer previously received them in the course of its business relationship with Seller, considered in this case accepted for all purposes by the Buyer to perform this order.


All information attached to tender or supply order (documents, data, materials, etc.) belongs to the Seller or its suppliers, and part of its intellectual property and / or industrial, so it is expressly forbidden to use, copy or transfer of use to others by the Buyer for any purpose other than filling out the request without the prior written consent of Seller.

Seller reserves the right to make such amendments deem necessary on the information contained in catalogs, manuals, website etc, since it has an advisory and not binding


Orders shall be firm upon receipt thereof by Seller and shall not be canceled without the express written mutual agreement between the Seller and the Buyer, not realizing in this case the in-process materials or finished products and features tailor-made special by the Buyer.

Any modification or special conditions on the offer or request the Purchaser has agreed with our sales department in writing shall be reflected in the documentation of the offer or our order confirmation to be applicable. Otherwise no value and supersede our General Conditions of Sale.

The bid validity is 1 month, with exceptions that are specifically identified herein


Applicable tariff prices will be in effect at the time the order is placed by the Buyer, and include standard packaging but means exempt from taxes or fees. Taxes will apply the force at the time of the order. Prices quoted in our offers and / or order confirmations are considered final unless subsequent agreement between the Seller and Buyer. If applicable special conditions of sale, the prices quoted for a particular order will be valid solely for that order and may not extend to subsequent orders of the same characteristics unless expressly agreed between Buyer and Seller.

Tecfluid  reserves the right to change prices due to unforeseen cost increases or other just cause notice to its customers.


Terms of payment default by the Seller are set down payment by bank transfer before sending the material.

In special cases (special equipment, higher amounts ...) provides the ability to request the Seller a percentage of the total order (to be determined for each case) along with it, does not begin production until payment of such percentage.

For other operations of the standard rate may apply payment terms previously agreed between the Buyer and Seller. In all cases the collection date will be set up to 85 days after invoice date, with clear indication the Buyer of all necessary data for such payment (date, billing address, bank account, CIF, etc ...), and indicating how to make payment (send check, debit, bank transfer, etc.).

In case of delay in payment by Buyer, Seller may suspend temporarily or permanently supply.


No guarantees, nor be allowed deductions for net invoice amounts less than € 15,000.00. The maximum amount to be guaranteed in any case not more than 10% of the total order, and the maximum period of application of this guarantee May not exceed two years.


Delivery times specified in our order confirmation are approximate and therefore its failure cannot cause a penalty with the exception of cases where the Seller has made a particular responsibility in writing.

Deliveries of our meters are made in accordance with the tolerances on the scales and measures, depending on the conditions of final calibration of the meters.

All equipment issued by the Seller always travel at the buyer (delivery terms "factory" - Ex Works, according to INCOTERMS 2010), and in all cases at risk if there is any anomaly in transport will be the buyer who must claim a transportation agency or insurance company to cover risks.

In particular cases, and agreement between the Seller and the Purchaser may consider shipping by CPT mode, including the cost of mailing the invoice issued by Seller to Buyer's behalf.

In cases of force majeure (strikes, broken machinery manufacturing difficulty of acquiring raw materials, transport interception, closures of Customs or other Official action) disclaim any responsibility for current orders previously entered.


Any consignment of equipment to our factory or distributor must be approved.

Shipments of material by Buyer of Seller's facility either on their payment, repair or replacement should always be pre-paid unless prior agreement.

The seller will not accept any responsibility for damage to equipment during transportation.

In the event that the shipment of materials is not conducted for reasons attributable to Buyer, establishing a maximum period of 30 days from the date of manufacture prior to the cancellation of the order.

In case of an express agreement between Buyer and Seller for the storage of material on the premises of Seller, a fee will apply for this concept from the third week of notification of the material is ready for shipping of 10.00 € / week.

a) Material to be returned

Seller only accepts returns of materials in agreement with the Buyer.

Unless specifically agreed between the Buyer and Seller, on each return of material is a penalty of at least 10% of the material and may be higher depending on product type and conditions of receipt. The amount to be paid will in any case ultimately decided by the Seller and the Buyer shall appropriately for each case.

After 20 calendar days from the date on which the material will not attend any refund for defects that might be attributable to the Seller.

Establishing a period of 20 calendar days from sending the material to accept returns of the same for reasons attributable to Buyer. The conditions for this refund will be given in the 2nd paragraph of this section a). After this period does not accept the return of material by any cause.

For all returns establishing a process that must be consulted on the website in the section www.tecfluid.fr Post-sale.

b) Claims

Claims by the Purchaser to the Seller must be made in writing.

c) Manufacturing

All equipment sent for repair to Seller must be accompanied by the "Form of sending teams to repair" duly filled in can be downloaded from the website in the section www.tecfluid.fr Post-sale.

Products sent to our facilities must be properly packed, clean and completely free of liquid, grease or hazardous. For any material submitted by the Buyer to Tecfluid SA for inspection or repair, the Buyer's responsibility to observe the regulations on hazardous materials legally established.

Repairs were made in understanding the Seller's premises, being paid by the Buyer for transport, customs, taxes, etc. caused by sending the material to repair the workshops of the Seller and its subsequent delivery to the Buyer.

Repairs already made and in the case of sending them fail for reasons attributable to Buyer, establishing a maximum period of 6 calendar months after the date of repair before proceeding with the scrapping of material.


Tecfluid guarantees its products for a period of 24 months from the sale, against defects in materials, manufacture or performance. Excluded from this warranty are failures which can be attributed to improper use or application other than that specified in the order handling personnel not authorized by Tecfluid, mismanagement and abuse.

This warranty is limited to replacement or repair of parts which are observed defects not caused by misuse, excluding liability for any damage or by the effects of normal wear and tear on equipment use.

For all shipments of material to repair establishing a process that must be consulted on the website www.tecfluid.fr Post-sale section.

The equipment, should accompany the form available for download in the same section of the website.

The guarantee for repaired or replaced components applied 6 months after repair or replacement. However the warranty period, at least, remain in force until it has passed the warranty period of the supplied original.

Both parties, Seller and Buyer are subject to the sole jurisdiction and venue of the courts of Pontoise, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction.