Resistive level detector Series NCPR-TB et NCPRI-TB

Détecteur de niveau résistif NCPR Détecteur de niveau résistif NCPR
Application areas
Water treatment, pumping stations, industrial laundries, beverage industries, chemical industries, boiler, cosmetology ...
Product description
Resistive level detector for conductive liquids, one or two detection points with integrated amplifier. Compact and very robust system, no moving parts and low maintenance.
Technical specifications

Lengths of detection: 50 ... 1000 mm standard (other lengths on request)

Rotatable housing box IP-67

. Integrated electronic amplifier

. Adjustable time delay 0 ... 9 s

. Response time at the detection: 500ms

. Power Supply: AC / DC

Threaded G 1 "AISI 316L
Others on request

EN 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Others on request
Mounting on the top, the bottom or on the side of the tank

separator electrodes PVC or PTFE
PTFE coating for electrodes