The new MX4 converter : more simple and more reliable

Jul 10

TECFLUID have been designing and manufacturing flow and level instruments for almost 40 years, developing their own in-house technology and marketing their products nationally and internationally.

The new MX4 converter for electromagnetic flowmeters, series FLOMID and series FLOMAT is an updated version of the MX converter offering a high performance and usability. It provides a control based on a digital signal processor which grants a much more efficient and stable readings even in applications where the noise level is high. Furthermore, the new larger graphic display allows the configuration and programming of the instrument through intuitive menus.

One of the main novelties of this new converter is that it offers the possibility of a full diagnosis, checking electrode signal, the coil current and the conductivity of the liquid, as well as tests the signal input circuit. This new feature is intended to prevent in many cases sending a device to factory due to ignorance of possible faults.

By means of TECFLUID’s Winsmeter MX4 software, all functions of the instrument can be performed from a computer by simply connecting a USB cable to it, in addition to enabling the converter firmware upgrade.

The MX4 converter for FLOMAT and  FLOMID and has a switching power supply (90 ... 265VAC or 12…48VDC), 4-20 mA analog output, pulse output and two relay outputs (configurable as alarm, empty pipe detection or reverse flow) and local display indication of totalized volume, flow rate and liquid velocity. It offers the possibility of communication using protocols such as HART or Modbus RTU optionally as well. All is in a painted aluminum housing with IP67 ingress protection.

The FLOMID and FLOMAT series to which the MX4 converter is associated are particularly suitable for applications in water supply and water treatment, cooling systems, food and pharmaceutical industries, chemical, petrochemical, paper, automotive and machinery testing...

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