Sep 09
Topicality 09/09/2019
TECFLUID was present on 3 and 4 June 2015 at the salon Petrochim in Lisieux. This show was aimed to bring together professionals measurement and the actors of the region in the chemical area,...
Nov 17
Counters for dosing COVOL + MT-03F
Topicality 17/11/2017
The Volumetric counters COVOL with MT - 03F converters, measure and dose the volumes of food oils in the production chain.
Sep 20
Topicality 20/09/2017
TECFLUID was present, the 20-21 September, in the hall 4.1 of Eurexpo  "Chimie Lyon - Energies - Fluides Expo" . For this first edition 3 200 visitors came. On the occasion of this event, TECFLUID...
Apr 12
Topicality 12/04/2016
The float series 6001 flowmeters, measure accurately flows of gas from the furnaces burners in the glass industries.
Jun 19
Topicality 19/06/2014
The NCPR is a resistive level sensor for conductive liquids; it can control 1 or 2 points of detection and has an electronic amplifier integrated in the housing box. The control functions are:...
Mar 26
Topicality 26/03/2014
From the glass tube flowmeter series 6001 to the ultrasonic flowmeter series CU-100, through the electromagnetic flowmeter, what way made by TECFLUID SA since 40 years.   During all these years we...
Feb 11
Topicality 11/02/2014
With Wireless SureCross system, TECFLUID expands the applications of the ultrasonic level transmitter LU90 with wireless communication that allows applications in tanks and storage systems remote or...
Apr 17
Topicality 17/04/2013
Our variable area metal tube flowmeters series SC-250, are successfully installed into Argon and Chlore control systems for the degasification of molten aluminum. With this system, we can reduce or...

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Tecfluid S.A. are a company that design and manufacture flow (flowmeters) and level measurement equipment with more than 40 years of experience.