TECFLUID’s presence in Russia in the car manufacturer AVTOVAZ

Jan 23

TECFLUID delivered an important number of flow meters for the two new production lines, engine and gearbox for the largest car factory in the world, AVTOVAZ in Togliatti, Russia. This huge factory (300 km of production lines) produces nearly one million vehicles per year.

In April 2013, AVTOVAZ, the first Russian manufacturer, inaugurated with the RENAULT-NISSAN alliance this new production line in which will be built the Lada, Renault and Nissan cars. The new facilities include three major achievements: the assembly line, the chassis site and the mechanical site (designed for K-type engine and gearboxes type H). The panels works with two turnovers for a total production of 60 vehicles per hour.

About Tecfluid

Tecfluid S.A. are a company that design and manufacture flow (flowmeters) and level measurement equipment with more than 40 years of experience.