TECFLUID collaborates with Sanchez&Sanchez Chemicals

Mar 21

Sanchez & Sanchez Chemicals, a company specialized in the development of chemicals and machinery for all industries, is the manufacturer of a new hydrodynamic solution that can be used in all physical processes which need to inject air into a liquid flow without energy cost, called Air Solver.

It is a system that replaces the traditional system "recirculation pump, pressure vessel and compressed air tank" for clarification of water by dissolved air flotation (DAF).

For the Air Solver TECFLUID supply the variable area flowmeters for measuring the injected air flow rate. We participate with our equipment in two versions of the system: A more economical with the plastic tube flowmeter Series PT providing only flow indication, and a more robust, described by Sanchez & Sanchez as "Heavy Duty SS case", consisting of a metal tube flowmeter flow Series M21, equipped with 4-20 mA transmitter and indicator housing in AISI 316L, particularly suitable for harsh environments, that also provides local flow indication.

The Air Solver is easy to implement, has no moving parts, or energy consumption of any kind, which is a great advantage over the traditional system which is typically the largest energy consumption point.

Currently, it is mainly directed to the paper industry but is potentially applicable to the food and pharmaceutical industry and generally in all those processes requiring DAF treatment.

About Tecfluid

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