TECFLUID is a part of innovative projects

Oct 29

The TECFLUID products also accompany innovative projects like those of a young start-up, recently visited by the French President François Hollande. The company is located in Ile-de-France near Paris specialized in the recycling and the reuse of waste. Its technology can treat wastewater and it transforms it in order to produce energy.

The flowmeter TECFLUID is installed at the output of centrifugal pump for the circulation of clean water with plankton (microalgae). Indeed, the technology created by the company collects wastewater and organic wastes and introduces plankton. Then the process cleans the water that can be reused. It can also produce energy.


About Tecfluid

Tecfluid S.A. are a company that design and manufacture flow (flowmeters) and level measurement equipment with more than 40 years of experience.