LEVEL Tip 1 - 6 things you need to know for the selection of your level instrument

May 31

In order to help you with the selection of the device that best meets your requirements, there are some technical data of your application that are important to know:

1. Type of fluid we want to measure

2. Density of the liquid at working temperature (Viscosity as additional information)
3. Maximum and normal working pressure and temperature
4. Required length to be measured. Depending on the required level indicator type it will be a must to know:

                                      * Series LT: Distance between flanges
                                      * Series LC / LE / LP / LTDR: Rod length
                                      * Series LU: Tank height

5. Compatible materials with the process fluid (liquid)
6. Connection size
7. Purpose for which you need the level instrument

Some of these details may seem to be irrelevant but they are not, if we want to avoid surprises when installation is made please make sure you have considered all possible variables.

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