Ultrasonic Level Transmitter LU90 with wireless I / O signal transmission

Feb 11

With Wireless SureCross system, TECFLUID expands the applications of the ultrasonic level transmitter LU90 with wireless communication that allows applications in tanks and storage systems remote or inaccessible. A simple and inexpensive solution for I / O applications deported when the environment does not allow the passage of cables. This system is very reliable with a secure data transmission that respects international standards.

This system is compatible with all sensors, for example LU90, LTDR, LD61...

When direct sensors wiring is difficult, radio modules are available to transfer the signal of several tens of sensors to the monitoring up to a distance of 3km maximum.

For digital output signal, IP67 modules have internal terminals corresponding to the inputs / outputs 4-20mA.

In a configuration with several dozens of nodes, the receiver is connected to the central monitoring via Modbus RTU.

This solution allows the fast functioning of the sensors, and it is also particularly suitable for mobile installations without local power supply. The radio receiver, equipped with a battery with integrated solar panel, can power the sensors.

About Tecfluid

Tecfluid S.A. are a company that design and manufacture flow (flowmeters) and level measurement equipment with more than 40 years of experience.