Resistive level sensor with integrated amplifier series NCPR

Jun 19

The NCPR is a resistive level sensor for conductive liquids; it can control 1 or 2 points of detection and has an electronic amplifier integrated in the housing box. The control functions are: control mini or maxi or filling / emptying level. This instrument is reliable, economical, compact and very robust. The absence of moving parts greatly reduces the maintenance.

The NCPR sensor uses its own thread connection or flange in stainless steel as reference electrode and the rods serve to detect the liquid level in order to control it. The integrated amplifier detects the different level points and activates the relay output. The main features are: IP67 box, power supply 15-70 Vdc / 60-240 Vac, one SPDT output relay, adjustable time delay 0 ... 9 s. The process connection is SS-316 1" BSP and the length of the rods is cuttable in order to adjusts the detection points on-site. Optionally, a PTFE or PE coating rods is available. Adjustable time delay 0-9 seconds will delay the detection in tanks containing liquid with turbulences. It can also select the output state of the relay contact in order to adapt it to the characteristics of the installation.  

The NCPR level sensor is particularly suitable for applications in the areas of water treatment, pumping stations, industrial laundries, beverage, boilers, chemical and cosmetic industries.

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